Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Best News We Could Ever Recieve!

    A little over a month ago I recieved a call from my doctor's office the day after I had been in for a routine papsmere. They had taken some blood work (including a test for my thyroid) and I was concerned the call was to bear some bad news. However, to my surprise, the nurse at the other end of the line was calling to tell me that I was pregnant!!

    We will be welcoming the newest member of our family on February 27th, 2011! We could not be more excited! So far I have gone in for two ultrasounds and everything has looked GREAT! I am 10 (almost 11) weeks along and can't wait for February to come!

    This a true miracle from above. Thank you for your much needed love and prayers through our recent time of sadness. Eventhough we are so excited about the progressing health and growth of this baby, we will never forget our first. He/she will forever be in our hearts.

    I look forward to keeping you all updated throughout all of my appointments and ultrasounds!



  1. I love you sooooo much, and I am so happy for you!! I can't wait for Baby Ballard!!!