Monday, April 5, 2010

Quick Update!

Since I am just now starting this blog, I have a lot to post since our marriage in July! SO, I am going to try to cram it all in to one post. So here goes....

After our wedding in July Jeremy started working for Komatsu' and I began student teaching! He is still at Komatsu' and loves it! I finished student teaching at the end of November and graduated in December.

In August, we lost a very special lady who was near and dear to our hearts. My grandmother, Carolyn Fairbanks, passed away August 23. We miss Mimi dearly and often think of how she used to make us laugh, the advice she gave us, and how grateful we are she was able to enjoy our wedding day. We love you Mimi and can't wait to see you in heaven one day!

In December, we were finally able to take our honey moon! We started in Gatlinburg, drove to Nashville, then flew to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, we spent three days at Disneyland (not world) and went to a Laker's basketball game. Such fun! Flew home and made it just in time for Christmas Eve Dinner at Nana's.

Upon returning home, I have started working at Alpine Crest Elementary in an interim position. A second grade teacher broke her ankle and is still out recovering! I was told the other day that I would be kept on staff for the remainder of the year....BIG praise! However, please pray that I will find somewhere to teach next year and that Ms. Aslinger does recover. I know she must REALLY miss her students and the staff at Alpine...they are all amazing!

Ever heard of that saying, "If it's not one thing, it's another!"? Well that seems to be my mantra these days! About two and a half weeks ago Jeremy started complaining of pain in his elbow. Two days and one ER visit later, we were told that somehow he had breathed in a nasty germ that caused the bursar sac in his elbow to become infected and inflamed....yikes! Poor baby...he was in such pain! Just when we thought we had the infection uderwraps, he began to break out in a rash from head to toe due to an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking...for the infection! So back to ER we mother in law said we might end up with a personalized mug like Tim the Tool Man Taylor if we go back anymore...."uuugghh?!" Let's not try for it...Big praise that the infection is gone! However, please pray that Jeremy's reaction continues to calm down and goes away.

Easter Sunday was yesterday...besides spending part of it in the ER (due to the reaction) it was a pretty joyful day! I thought things would be sad and gloomy due to the absence of one special family member but all in all it was pretty normal! While it's hard and sad, yet a little strange feeling, I think these things are only going to get better with time. Every birthday, Christmas, and every other family celebration will be more about remembering her and what she would be saying or doing instead of crying and grieving at the thought of her absence. I thank God everyday for the 22 years I was allowed to know and love her. Now it's His turn with her...she has gone home to her Father and we will see her again one day.

WHEW! I think I covered just about everything! So long til' next time!

Blair Ballard


  1. Hi Blair!

    Now, I can follow you and see all that you are up to! You will enjoy a space just for you to write about whatever your heart desires...I know I sure do.

    I know it is tough to move on with life after a loved one passes away. Just remember she is in your heart forever and use YOUR life to live with her there. Take up traditions that you cherished of hers, find ways to honor her in your every days.

    I do that with my mom.

    It's hard, but God's plan is sovereign.

    Enjoy your life, you Ballard, you!

    .mac :)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to see what you and Jeremy are up to!

  3. are just the cutest. Thanks girl :) I laugh everytime I pick up a Yellow Book b/c I used to call Mimi ALL the time and ask her to look up numbers for me while I was in the car...haha! One time, so serious, she said, "What do you think I am! A Yellowbook?!"